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Global Youth Development Alliance

The Global Youth Development Alliance (GYDA) is a time-community and development platform for leading youth and community development organizations. The alliance hopes to build a bridge for communication between youth groups on a global scale. Promote the healthy development of young people and help young people fulfill their dreams.

Events We Hold

Conservation Youth Development Forum Successfully Held in New York

The Conservation Youth Development Forum hosted by The Global Youth Development Alliance (GYDA) was successfully held in New York on August 11th.This forum lasted two days and was held simultaneously online and online. A total of more than 100 youth representatives from all walks of life participated in this forum.This forum aims to bring together young people from all over the world to discuss issues of youth development.


Support the reduction of gun violence

A peaceful but meaningful event will be lit by GYDA on June 11 in Washington and various parts of the country. The transfer of resources through mutual aid is just one way for GYDA and March For Our Lives. Ultimately, it will aid and support young people who share the same vision as GYDA and March For Our Lives.Through the combined efforts of all, the desire to reduce gun violence and encourage young people to pursue their dreams can be brought closer.


The GYDA Olympic Special Creative Works Competition

The GYDA Olympic Special Creative Works Competition is a creative works contest with the purpose of "Olympic Charter". Excavate outstanding works and talents, promote the integrated development of humanities and sports, improve the public's awareness of the value of the Olympics, and create a unique award.

we can do better when we work together

Our members work on the frontlines of youth development.An adult’s role is to be an ally – not a critic – to value youth’s stories and experiences and ensure youth leadership and decision making within organizations and programs.

Provide a better development environment for youth

We provide a platform for the youth development community to connect, engage and promote youth development. In all areas of youth development, we see youth as important leaders, partners and implementers, not just recipients.