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We connect youth effectively through global events, advocacy, community engagement and effective training. And continuously improve the development environment of youth.

Conservation Youth Development Forum Successfully Held in New York

The Conservation Youth Development Forum hosted by GYDA was successfully held in New York on August 11th.This forum lasted two days and was held simultaneously online and online. A total of more than 100 youth representatives from all walks of life participated in this forum.

Stop Gun Violence

GYDA calls for an end to gun violence to reduce all forms of gun injuries and deaths. The proliferation of guns is a serious threat to the lives of young people. In addition, what most people ignore is that the proliferation of guns also lays a hidden danger for the growth of young people. We call on more people to join the ranks of reducing gun violence and clearing the way for young people to pursue their dreams.

The GYDA Olympic Special Creative Works Competition

In order to promote the integrated development of humanities and sports, improve the awareness of the value of the Olympic Games, and promote global youth exchanges, GYDA specially created the Olympic Creative Works Competition. The entries of the competition are reviewed by a jury composed of well-known scholars, academic experts, design masters, and well-known industry media people.